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McCoy Bolt Works manufactures and markets large, rugged, high stress fastening application products, specializing in threaded steel suspension fasteners for the heavy truck industry.

McCoy Bolt Works, Inc. was founded in 1948. Originally, the business operated as a contract job shop, primarily supporting the International Harvester plant located in Fort Wayne, Indiana (closed in early 1980s). In the early 1970s, McCoy began to expand into production of large diameter suspension u-bolts for medium and heavy duty trucks. McCoy is privately owned, and the current owners acquired the company in 1987. By the beginning of the 21st century, McCoy Bolt Works became, and continues to be, the largest supplier of suspension u-bolts to original manufacturers of Medium-to-Heavy Duty Trucks and Buses in North America.

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Truck Order Backlog Grows -OEMs Impose New Surcharges

As the backlog of orders for heavy-duty trucks has grown to levels not seen since late 2006, at least three of the four major vehicle manufacturers have announced commodity surcharges, with the extra fees as much as $975 a truck.
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Steel and Input Costs Economics 2010
The expectation for 2010 is the return of inflation across the economy, with the magnitude and timing of economic recovery directly correlating to the magnitude and timing of inflation. Commodity prices are already increasing on the expectation of demand recovery.
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Steel Economics 2009
Over the next 20 years, global demand for steel will exceed supply because of economic growth of the emerging markets.
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